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20/24/410 plastic flip top cap

20/24/410 plastic flip top cap

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    Products name 20/24/410 plastic flip top cap
    Material PP
    Neck finish 20/24/410
    Weight 3.2g
    Dimension 20.20mm*22.53mm
    Color Customized
    MOQ 10000pcs
    Closure screw
    Service OEM and ODM
    Testing ISO9001  ISO14001
    Decoration silk screen printing/Hot stamping/labling
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    What do the flip top caps fit for?

    This flip top cap is used to control the distribution of liquid products. The hole on the cover is convenient for distribution, and the cover is opened for distribution or closed storage.

    Flip top cap is a common cover for body care products, including essential oil, massage oil, face cream, shampoo, hand sanitizer, dishwasher fluid, lotion, hair conditioner, shower gel, detergent and cleaning products. It is also suitable for household cleaning chemicals and for a variety of applications. This kind of rubber cover is very smooth on the smooth side, and its appearance is also very smooth.

    This hat is very suitable for the classic appearance of your container and has reliable function every time. The side of the hat is smooth.

    What are the advantages of this flip top cap?

    The ribs on the cover are made of  PP plastic to help grasp, while the spring cover and threaded ribs are turned over by polypropylene.

    Open the hinge cover to expose the hole for bonding / just press the rubber strip back to close. The multi-functional bottle cap is very suitable for dispensing many different products, from art paint cleaning and beauty products, to facilitate the turnover of the bottle cap, making it easy to dispense, easy to use, and can be refilled.

    Flip top dispensing caps have a hinged lid that snaps into place. This hinged cap can be opened and closed thousands of times before breaking.It has a high heat tolerance level and an excellent resistance to fatigue 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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    Why we recommend this flip top cap to you?

    Leak proof: our bottle caps are made of high-quality polypropylene and meet the highest technical standards. You won't find a hole or some stains in the cap’s neck.

    Good for nature, good for you: using these reusable bottle wrappers designed for you can save you a lot of money and travel to the store.

    Save the earth: these bottles and caps are made of 100% polypropylene, which are widely used and easy to recycle.

    Distribute the product: open the top of the disc to expose the internal nozzle. You can then distribute the product neatly by applying pressure to the bottle. Next, close the top cover.

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