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38/410 Plastic Press Lotion Pump Dispenser Pump Head For Shampoo Bottle

38/410 Plastic Press Lotion Pump Dispenser Pump Head For Shampoo Bottle

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    Product Name

    38/410 Plastic Press Lotion Pump Dispenser Pump Head For Shampoo Bottle

    Material PP
    Neck finish 38/410
    Weight 20G
    Dimension W:38mm H:99.4mm
    Color Customized
    MOQ 10,000 pieces
    Closure Screw
    Service OEM and ODM
    Authorization ISO9001 ISO14001
    Decoration Label printing/Silkscreen printing/Hot stamping


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    Strict Quality Control

    Strict processing technology and anti-penetration design, to provide you with convenient service.

    Selection of PP material, refuse to recycle material, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical stability, resistance to most solvents.There is no pungent taste, no plasticizer, give you a clean and hygienic experience.

    Pump power is strong

    Easy to press, quick liquid discharge, automatic rebound, fast pumping, anti-surging material,with long service life,life up to 3000 times.Easy to pump out the viscous liquid, to solve the pump head rebound slow, viscous material pump out of the problem.

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    OEM & ODM service

    We can provide OEM and ODM services. We are a factory with 10 years experience in manufacturing and exporting plastic products. You can send us the drawing or sample of the product you need, and we can quote for you according to it. If you accept the offer and pay the deposit, we will start to make the mold.After the mold is completed, we will make a product sample and send it to you. After you confirm the sample, the mold will be formally put into production.

    Color and tube length can be customized

    Customer needs are the purpose of our work. Pump head packaging, color and the length of the tube can be customized.

    The color of the pump head can be customized. As long as you tell us the color number you need, we can make the color of the pump head according to the color number.

    The tube length of the pump head can be customized. If you do not know the required length, you can measure the height of the container, and we will recommend the length of the tube for you.

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